Second annual Industry Week in France


The second annual Industry Week will be held in France from 19 to 25 March 2012. This initiative offers the general public an opportunity to learn more about industry and its occupations, and become more aware of its pivotal role in France.

Alstom will participate through round table discussions and regional informational sessions. The Alstom sites of La Rochelle, Valenciennes, Le Creusot, Tarbes, Belfort, Ornans and Reichshoffen will welcome student groups, guidance counsellors and the general public for tours of their facilities, presentations on jobs in industry, as well as question and answer sessions.

These tours will take place on 20 March in La Rochelle, 22 March in Ornans, 23 March in Belfort, 21-22 March in Le Creusot, 20 and 22 March in Tarbes, 20, 21 and 22 March in Reichshoffen and from 19 to 23 March in Valenciennes.

More information is available on the following site: 

Working in the industry 
Ten portraits of Alstom employees

In conjunction with Industry Week, Alstom invites you to discover 10 occupations on which its industrial know-how is based. These videos produced at Alstom sites in Germany, France, Italy and Poland provide a close-up view of the daily activities of managers working in industry today.

Elementary Production Unit Manager

Zygmut Gardecki  - Katowice, Poland

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Industrial Director

Alain Courau - Savigliano, Italy

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Industry Line Manager

Alain Pinto - Reichshoffen, France

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Manufacturing Director

Hagen Brzezinka - Salzgitter, Germany 

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Procurement Team Manager

Pierre-Yves Lavaud - La Rochelle, France

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Industrial Quality Manager

Andrea de Giorgio - Sesto, Italy

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Supply Chain Director

Olivier Eymery - Valenciennes, France

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Industry Team Leader

Cedric Bayet - La Rochelle, France

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Technology Transfer Manager

Hervé Garioud - Savigliano, Italy 

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