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Alstom at Rimini Meeting 2012


Alstom will be at Meeting for friendship among people

19th-25th August 2012, h. 11.00-24.00, Rimini Fiera, Italy


For Alstom, attention to environment means finding innovative and sustainable solutions to people's needs, developing tools and technologies that improve efficiency and help preserve our planet's resources.


At the Alstom interactive booth:

  • virtual tour of Alstom City, to discover the secrets of the most advanced technologies for energy and rail transport and the main activities of the four Alstom Sectors (Transport, Grid, Power Thermal e Power Renewable).
  • educational activities led by experts that will show to the young how trains, power plants and electrical grids work.

From Monday 20th to Friday 24th August:

  • 2.00 PM - Alstom booth: A journey by train: what a technological adventure!
  • 3.00 PM - Alstom booth: Water, sun, oceans ... a world of energy!
  • 4.00 PM - Alstom booth: Super Grid is a superhero? Are all people nice in a Smart City? Let's find out together.
  • 6.00 PM - Arena: How to make an eco-friendly train?


At the touch-screen totem:

  • focus on rail transport world with videos, images and details of Alstom products like the Pendolino, the AGV, the regional trains and automatic metros.


Monday 20th August 2012, 3.00 PM - C1 Siemens Room
“Enviroment: from exploitation to sustainability” round table
Introduced by Robi Ronza, Journalist and Writer. Have been invited: 

  • Corrado Clini, Minister for the Environment, the Protection of Natural Resources and the Sea
  • Roberto De Santis, President of CONAI
  • Andrea Illy, President of Illy Spa
  • Antonino Turicchi, Country President of Alstom Italy

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Born in 1980, the Meeting for Friendship among People in Rimini is an event that every year represents an opportunity for reflection and promotes an open exchange of ideas on  cultural, religious, political, artistic issues through debates, exhibitions and events. This year, the topic that gives the title to this edition of the XXXIII Rimini Meeting is "By nature, man is relation to the infinite".