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Alstom named “Best Manufacturing Facility of the Year” by SNCF


The French railway company SNCF has awarded Alstom Transport “Best Manufacturing Facility 2012” during the “SNCF Equipment Supplier Excellence” ceremony which was held on September 20th, at Innotrans – the world rail industry trade fair being held every other year in Berlin, Germany.

The award was presented by Jean-Marc Larivoire Director in charge of Equipment at SNCF to Jerome Wallut, Managing Director of Alstom Transport France, and to Vincent Lecat, Managing Director of Belfort site, within the framework contracts related to Euroduplex and the BB475000 diesel locomotive.  Jérome Wallut said “We are especially honoured to receive this award which demonstrates SNCF’s high standards of suppliers and the quality of the trusting relationship that Alstom has been able to form with this privileged customer”.

This is a way for SNCF to reward a trusting relationship based on partnership and the ongoing quality of Alstom Transport’s rolling stock manufacturing process, from design to commissioning. Performance was evaluated at the Alstom’s Belfort site using the EDMA process (Dynamic Multi-Axial Evaluation). The assessment made by SNCF focused on two areas, the first one looking at quality and logistics, the second on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and management. 

The Belfort site is Alstom’s center of excellence for the design and manufacture of locomotives and Very High Speed trains’ power cars. The facility is also in charge of Euroduplex train sets and commissioning. At this time, the Euroduplex trains (85 trains on order, 55 + 30) are being assembled at the Belfort site, which has so far delivered 18 to SNCF. Last June, Alstom delivered the 200th Prima BB475000 diesel locomotive, operated by SNCF for freight in France and Germany.

About Alstom Transport

A promoter of sustainable mobility, Alstom Transport develops and markets the most complete range of systems, equipment and services in the railway sector. Alstom Transport manages entire transport systems, taking in rolling stock, signalling and infrastructure, and offers “turnkey” solutions. Alstom Transport recorded sales of 5.2 billion euros in the fiscal year 2011-2012. Alstom Transport is present in over 60 countries and employs 24,700 people.

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Alstom named “Best Manufacturing Facility of the Year” by SNCF