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Alstom has signed approx. 16 mln Euro contract with TTP Kostolac Power Plant in Serbia for performance of a major overhaul concerning a turbine and generator at 348 MW Unit B1.

TTP Kostolac Power Plant is one of the biggest power plants in Serbia, consisting of TPP Kostolac A (2 units with total power output of 281 MW) and TPP Kostolac B (2 units with total power output of 281 MW). The power plant provides electricity to the towns of Kostolac and Pozarevac, whereas its total market share concerning energy production in Serbia amounts to 11%.

The scope of works to be executed by Alstom includes a major overhaul of the turbine and generator, reconstruction and adaptation of the turboset control systems, pneumatic systems and HP/IP bypass system, overhaul works of condenser along with modernisation of cleaning system for condenser tubes (Taprogge system), overhaul of cooling water pumps, hydrodynamic cleaning of oil systems, performance of the turboset insulation, and delivery of spare parts, two new HP and LP regeneration exchangers, gas station, distillate and sealing oil for generator, as well assembly works and commissioning supervision.

The overhaul works are to be commenced in March 2014, the unit synchronisation is planned to take place on 

1 December 2014, whereas the final re-commissioning of the unit is to be carried out in March 2015.

It is the second project to be executed at TTP Kostolac Power Plant by the Polish organisation of Alstom Thermal Services, which carried out a similar overhaul at Unit B2, enabling an increase in power output from 348 MW to 350 MW.

The major overhaul of the turbine and generator at Unit B1, preceded by the previously executed overhaul at Unit B2, should allow for increasing the turboset efficiency and its target power output, as well as for improving nominal economic indicators concerning operation of the entire unit. The aforementioned actions should also restrict the negative impact of operating the unit on the natural environment. Moreover, the executed overhaul shall allow for extending inter-overhaul periods (periods between particular overhauls) and the turboset service life.

‘We are glad to see that our Serbian customer, Kostolac Power Plant, has again decided to trust the modern technology offered by Alstom. The new contract confirms both good cooperation with the customer, and the customer’s satisfaction regarding the solutions which are provided by Alstom. We are also satisfied with the fact that execution of the project should allow for strengthening our position on the Serbian market,’ said Robert Butzke, Managing Director of Alstom Power Service in Poland.