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Three new stators and revision services worth around 10 million euros

As part of the complete modernisation of the Göschenen hydro power plant, Alstom has been awarded an order for three new stators by the Kraftwerk Göschenen AG (KWG).The new stators (frame, core and winding) will be installed in the machine groups 3, 4 and 6. The order also includes the modernisation of the shafts, the oil cooling, the bearings and the high pressure equipment as well as several revision services. 

The modernisation of the three hydro generators with state-of-the-art components will increase power generation capacity of the power plant by approximately 3 million kilowatt hours, corresponding to the yearly consumption of 650 average households. The new equipment will be supplied to the power plant in several steps starting from summer 2015 to winter 2016/17. 

This order illustrates our strategy which aims to support our customers to secure operational reliability of the power plants and to optimize their asset management throughout plants lifespan with the help of a full offering in Services and Retrofit”, said Christoph Ortmanns, Head of Sales and Project Management Service Switzerland / Germany. 

With an installed base accounting for more than a quarter of the world’s hydro facilities, Alstom have developed an extensive experience assessing and servicing, retrofitting and modernizing power plants in operation. 

This particular know-how concerns all types of services and Retrofit activities including field service (typically inspection, maintenance, repair, spare parts and diagnostics), small retrofit and large retrofit activities; and all types of equipment including: turbines, generators, and control system. Alstom Hydro Service offers to power plant operators services both, proven and flexible, standardized or customized, to maintain plant availability, keep the plant running at optimum efficiency, and even increase plant performance.