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Word of the expert - Average power for a high performance


The time for discussion between having or not having power plants with reservoirs and knowing that the availability of hydropower potential can be down fall with large flows , does not recommend sit back and wait for what will happen. We have extensive experience in hydraulic turbines and are present in large and small hydro with our technologies.

However, the market dynamics awoke us to a range of hydro power plants that could be designed in a different concept of technology. It is hydro power plants up to 100MW and waterfalls up to 40 meters. It is plants that, initially are in this range, that Alstom brings to the market a solution with horizontal Kaplan turbines.

Since the 90s Alstom has been encouraging and adopting the solution with horizontal Kaplan turbines, also known as Kaplan turbine "S". With the support of our hydraulics laboratory, located in Grenoble, France, Alstom has developed a range of standard turbines "S" that now will bring solution to power plants with medium potency, applying Kaplan "S", for unit potency up to 25,000 kW and gross head up to 40 meters.

Alstom believes that hydropower plants of up to 100,000 kW total power can be designed with up to four generating units with horizontal axis, providing the investor a more economical solution, more flexible and reliable operation, simple maintenance, as well as being an ideal technical solution for the trickle of hydro power plants.

In addition to this breakthrough in a standardized range, we can customize an specific solution to the hydro power plants as well as horizontal Kaplan turbines type S, as designed recently for a hydro power plant in Turkey, where it will be installed two generating units Sam type (horizontal Kaplan) with potency of 34,5MW and water discharge of 100 m3 / s. A technological revolution that break a paradigm in the design market of hydro power plants.

With this technical solution supported by the hydraulics laboratory of Kaplan turbines that will be inaugurated in 2013 at Taubaté (SP) unit, Alstom offers to the Brazilian market one more action of the technological forefront.

Article written by Roberto MirandaBusiness Development Director at Alstom Brazil.