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Alstom Joins Bloomberg for 2013 Future of Energy Summit


LIVE UPDATE FROM #BNEF: The Renewable Power Landscape

All eyes were on Jerome Pecresse, President of Alstom Renewable Power, yesterday afternoon at the 2013 Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit.

In this video interview, recorded just before his panel discussion on clean energy technologies, Jerome outlines a few challenges associated with increased use of renewable sources of electricity.

Here's what he had to say on modernizing power grids, achieving 'grid parity' with natural gas-fired generation and more...

Later, during a panel titled 'The Future of Electricty System Equipment Demand,' Jerome emphasized that while the future of energy demand is unpredictable, Alstom as a technology provider must be able to adapt to the changing energy landscape and environmental factors that vary form region to region.

Today, we offer a full portfolio of established renewable technologies, and are at the forefront of R&D for maturing renewables such as solar thermal in the U.S. and tidal energy in the U.K.

“It is important that our customers have a mix of energy sources. Renewables when combined with gas, nuclear, and other generation sources improve system availability, quality, and reliability,” said Jerome.

Jerome also touched on the importance of hydroelectricity stating that although it is a mature renewable, it makes up three quarters of the established renewable generation. Pump storage hydro, he continued, is now deploying variable speed turbines that allow faster load variation to counter ups and downs in wind and solar output, and that are easily integrated into the grid.

LIVE UPDATE FROM #BNEF: Renewables in North America

On day three of the #BNEF2013 conference, Alstom hosted a Strategic Breakfast panel that explored the challenges and opportunities of Offshore Wind power. 

Andy Geissbuehler, Vice President and Head of the Company’s North American Wind business, joined key players in the development of offshore wind, including members of a team recently awarded a $4M USD grant by the US DOE to complete the engineering, site evaluation and planning phase for an offshore wind demonstration project in the state of Virginia.

Our strong partnership with key stakeholders like Dominion and the State of Virginia is essential to bringing the reality of offshore wind to the U.S.  Throughout the 3-5 year R&D process, Alstom is continuing to build momentum around the project and taking steps to serve offshore implementation when it is ready,” said Mr. Geissbuehler during the discussion.

Andy also cited the importance of Alstom’s global effort to advance development of offshore wind technology, and the recent one-year anniversary of the successful installation of the company’s prototype 6 MW Haliade-150™ offshore wind turbine. 

LIVE UPDATE FROM #BNEF: Renewables & Policy

#BNEF2013 touched just about every aspect of the energy industry, including legislative aspects that drive big initiatives forward. John Cohen, Alstom's Vice President of U.S. Government Affairs, was onsite to engage in dialogue on the political and regulatory factors impacting the energy industry.

John cited dramatic changes in the energy sector including new legislation to advance the development of hydro power in the U.S.   

Let's hear what he had to day.......

LIVE FROM #BNEF 2013: Renewables & the Grid

The Future of Energy: Smart, Flexible & Resilient  

Dr. Lawrence Jones, Director of Regulatory Affairs for Alstom Grid, brought his expertise to a #BNEF2013 Scenario Session on smart energy and system flexibility.  The session examined the technologies, business models and regulatory criteria that will play a key role in a smarter energy infrastructure and manage growing energy demands.  During the panel session, Dr. Jones cited that system flexibility and resilience were critical to the successful operation of the grid especially when integrating renewables.

"It is important to have the proper equipment, but we also must apply emphasis on the importance of next generation applications on the distribution and end user side. We must take a systems approach because in looking at the entire system, we can deliver the technology that will meet the evolving needs of our customers,” said Lawrence.

One key take away was the shared view that investments must be made to modernize the grid and adapt existing infrastructure with new technologies for improved operability.


During the sixth annual Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) - Future of Energy summit (April 22-24 in New York City), Alstom will join leaders from various sectors of the energy business to engage in discussions and share insights on the latest issues facing the new energy industry.

The summit created by Bloomberg brings together strategists, innovators and leaders in the energy sector, to address the dynamic changes driving the power industry and the ways in which different players are responding to these changes.  The theme for this year’s forum is THE NEW ENERGY ROI: RESILIENCE // OPTIONALITY // INTELLIGENCE.

Developing nations struggle to install sufficient power generation and transmission to support economic growth while many mature economies face an ageing operating infrastructure and strong regulatory standards driven by public pressure to reduce the carbon footprint of their output.  New technologies hold promise… the promise of low carbon solutions from renewables, nuclear and carbon capture…. The promise of a smarter, more flexible and interactive smart grid….but innovation and change bring the need to manage risk. 

Alstom’s senior Renewable business management, Global Power Sales (GPS) commercial experts, Government Affairs and Communications teams will participate in the agenda, actively engaging in a series of panel discussions, strategic meetings and private client discussions. These include:

  • Tuesday, April 23rd- ‘Global plenary: the future of electricity system equipment demand’- Jerome Pecresse, President Alstom Renewable Power
  • Tuesday, April 23rd- ‘Smart energy and system flexibility’- Lawrence Jones, Regulatory Affairs Director, Alstom Grid
  • Wednesday, April 24th- Strategic Breakfast on Offshore Wind - sponsored by Alstom- Andy Geissbuehler, VP & General Manager, Alstom Wind North America

Alstom provides technology for harnessing renewable energy from the sun, wind sea and more.

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