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Alstom: the Bologna site’s Shelter Lab project financed by Emilia-Romagna’s Regional government


Financing for € 795,000

In collaboration with CRIT Research  and the Industrialisation Department of Bologna University’s Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Alstom has obtained € 795,000 in financing for its Shelter Lab project from Emilia-Romagna’s Regional government. The award forms part of the government’s March 2012 call for “Research, Innovation, Growth” tenders aimed at supporting industrial research projects included in employment and industrial development and investment programmes.

Presented by Alstom of Bologna, Shelter Lab is a project dedicated to the production of containers for railway signalling systems that create environments suitable for prolonging the life of electronic instruments regardless of climatic conditions. Developed on the basis of the international experience of the Bologna site, a global centre of excellence in the field of railway signalling, the project has already developed possible commercial applications in countries such as Denmark, Turkey and Romania.

“This financing”, declared Vittorio Manoni, Director of the Bologna site, “rewards Alstom’s commitment to railway signalling research and development. In collaboration with Italian universities and centres of excellence, Alstom has contributed to developing the country’s know-how in this sector for the last 15 years".

Alstom’s Bologna site, a regional centre that coordinates the activities of the company’s other sites dedicated to the production of signalling systems in Romania, Greece and Hungary, has about 600 employees, of whom more than 100 work in R&D.