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Alstom to service Connecticut’s Lake Road natural gas power plant


Lake Road Generating Company, L.P. has entered into a €125 million service1 contract with Alstom for its 844 MW combined-cycle power plant located in Dayville, Connecticut. The agreement covers the Lake Road facility’s three Alstom GT24 gas turbines.

In addition to the delivery of parts and equipment for the performance of planned maintenance, Alstom will furnish the Lake Road team with all necessary craft labour as well as on-site technical field advisors. The contract also includes delivery of an Alstom gas turbine upgrade package consisting of technical and operational improvements designed to lower the cost of running and maintaining gas turbines by extending time between inspections.

The market for natural gas power generation has changed considerably since the Lake Road plant went online in 2002,” said Hans-Peter Meer, Senior Vice President of Alstom’s Thermal Services business. “The age of unconventional gas is shifting the way customers operate their gas-fired power generating facilities. As Lake Road is increasingly called-on to provide baseload power, Alstom’s service team will help its operators adapt to this new market dynamic.

1 This contract was booked in fiscal year 2012/13

Alstom technology experts are helping today's gas power plants adapt to changing market requirements.

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