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Alstom Sails to the Windy City for AWEA’s WINDPOWER EXPO 2013


LIVE UPDATE FROM #WindPower2013: Wednesday, May 8th

Andy Geissbuehler, General Manager for Alstom Wind in North America, spoke today at a #WINDPOWER2013 panel that focused on the best way to create a viable offshore wind market in the U.S.

We had an opportinity to catch up with Andy after the panel. Let's hear what he had to say...

During his talk, Andy emphasized the need for strong partnerships among all stakeholders, the need to consider offshore as part of a broad portfolio of energy solutions, and the importance of creating scale and visibility in order to create the certainty and the volume of demand to make offshore wind economically viable.

Geissbuehler, who was joined by state policy makers from New Jersey and Maryland, also stressed the fact that Alstom is developing technology in Europe that can be adapted to US needs, is focused on optimizing the lessons of implementing such technology to drive costs down the cost curve and is committed to offshore wind in the US and globally for the long-term.


LIVE UPDATE FROM #WindPower2013: Tuesday, May 7th

Alstom joined customers and industry partners to celebrate the kick-off of AWEA's #WindPower2013. 

Alfonso Faubel, SVP Alstom Wind, shared some of the exciting trends, technology, and policies that are shaping the future of  the wind industry. Mr. Faubel cited Alstom's onshore and offshore projects and the proven technologies that are helping customers increase energy output and maximize return on their investment. 

Alstom Clean Energy experts will gather with the wind industry’s biggest players next week in Chicago for the American Wind Energy Association’s (AWEA) WINDPOWER EXPO 2013. With a record breaking 13,124 megawatts (MW) of new installed U.S. wind power in 2012 and recent extension of the Production Tax Credit (PTC) this is an exciting time for wind energy. 

Throughout the conference, leaders from Alstom’s North American and global wind and grid businesses will engage in discussions on the latest onshore and offshore wind projects, technologies, innovations, financial initiatives and policies driving wind market trends in the U.S. and Canada.

Major topics on-deck for Alstom at this year’s WINDPOWER conference include:

  • Its role in the Dept. of Energy’s Offshore Wind technology demonstration program
  • Its entry into the Canadian wind market with a $550M USD contract in Alberta
  • Its ongoing technology research efforts with NREL and other partners.

Learn more at Alstom’s Booth - #1053 - and check back right here for daily video updates!

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