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Alstom joins COOPERATE, the European research programme for energy-positive neighbourhoods


EMBIX, the Alstom and Bouygues Joint Venture Company, is taking part in COOPERATE, a European pilot project which aims to encourage groups of buildings and neighbourhoods which are producing more energy than they consume. The project received €3.5 million of funding as part of the European Commission Seventh research programme.

Together with six partners, EMBIX will develop an open, scalable and cloud-based IT platform – integrating Alstom’s e-terraplatform suite – to deliver energy management for neighbourhoods. COOPERATE contributes to the 2020 European Union ambitions in terms of climate change and sustainability, which target 20% reduction in greenhouse gases and 20% increase in renewable integration and energy efficiency. 

The project brings together seven companies and research institutes: RWTH Aachen University (project leader), Embix, Cork Institute of Technology (CIT), Bouygues Energy & Services, Intel Labs, University of Manchester and United Technologies Research Centre, Ireland (UTRC-Ireland). 

The energy management platform will be piloted at the Bouygues headquarters at Guyancourt, near Paris, France, and the United Technologies Research Centre, Ireland.