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Retrospective 2013 - Alstom Brazil


The first nine months of fiscal year 12/13 for Alstom were filled with outstanding events: signature of important contracts and landmarks in our projects, acquisitions, opening of a Unit, among others.

These facts reinforce our commitment honored daily by over 5 thousand employees which is contribute, for almost 60 years, for the country’s development while we shape the future.

Check below the highlights of the past few months:

  • Acquisition of Reason Tecnologia and Engeman

With the acquisition of Engeman Serviços e Manutenção, we expanded our service offer with optimized solutions for field maintenance, construction and commissioning, treatment and purification of oil for transformers and laboratory for oil analysis. Reason Tecnologia S.A is an important step in our continuous journey towards market excellence in the substation automation business. Reason is a supplier of measurement and substation automation network products for transmission and distribution clients (T&D).

  • Opening of Canoas

We installed the first plant dedicated to the production of wind turbine towers in Latin America, reinforcing Alstom’s commitment to the development of the wind generation infrastructure in Brazil. The plant has installed capacity to produce 120 towers a year, which represents around 350 MW.

  • Delivery of the first equipment to Belo Monte and Teles Pires

We delivered, in Vitória do Xingu, state of Pará, the first pre-distributor of Belo Monte hydro plant. The part, which weighs approximately 267 tons, is one of the mechanical components of the turbine, and is responsible for the distribution and direction of the water flow around the turbine’s rotor.

We also celebrated the conclusion of the manufacture of the first Francis Wheel for Teles Pires hydro plant (which will have enough power to supply a population of 2.7 million families), on Teles Pires river. This was the largest Francis Wheel ever produced by Alstom in Brazil.

  • Hydro contracts for the Cachoeira Caldeirão and São Manoel plants

We signed the supply of all electromechanical equipment for Cachoeira Caldeirão, a 219 MW hydro plant that will be installed on Araguari river, state of Amapá.

  • Wind contracts for Pontal, Queiroz Galvão and Renova

At the beginning of the year, we announced the largest partnership for the onshore wind market in the world, with Renova Energia, which resulted in the first contracts with this important client. We also signed a contract worth approximately 25 million euros with Enerplan, a power company of Brazilian group Oleoplan, to supply wind turbines to the Pontal wind project, in southern Brazil. In addition, we recently signed two contracts worth around € 400 million with Queiroz Galvão, for the delivery, construction and commissioning of ECO 122 turbines in two large wind farms - Caldeirão Grande I and II, both located in the state of Piauí.

  • Historic contract for South Africa – Lapa

The Alstom Group signed a historic contract for the delivery of 600 suburban trains in South Africa, the largest in Alstom’s history, and the first 20 trains will be manufactured in our Lapa unit, in São Paulo.

  • Conclusion of the first train for Supervia

One year after the signature of the contract, we delivered the first of the ten trains ordered by the SuperVia concessionaire, from Rio de Janeiro. The 80 new cars to be delivered by September 2014 will contribute for the modernization of the entire transport system in Rio de Janeiro.

  • Intern program – Record

Over 10 thousand students applied for 67 positions. The large volume reflects the interest of the young talents in starting their careers in our company.

  • Ethics and Compliance Ambassadors Awards

Alstom Brazil’s Ethics Ambassadors won the first Ethics & Compliance Awards of the Group, in recognition of the Treasure Hunt Campaign. The purpose of the campaign held in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Panama, Venezuela and Peru was to show that our ethical code and values are our greatest treasures. 

  • Delivery of the first piece of the Corredor do Senandes Complex, in Rio Grande do Sul

We delivered the first tower manufactured in the Canoas unit. Weighing 260 tons and 85 meters high, the tower was produced in 4 parts and assembled at the site.

  • Lapa unit concludes the last carshell manufactured for the Chennai metro

We manufactured at Lapa unit 9 (the equivalent to 36 carshells) of the 42 trains foreseen in the contract of the Chennai metro, in India. The other cars will be manufactured in the new Alstom plant in India.