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Alstom has successfully run the first ignition of its turbine at Novogorkovskaya TPP

Alstom has successfully run the first ignition of its one out of two gas turbines GT13E2 at the Novogorkovskaya TPP, subsidiary of TGK-6. Alstom has supplied these turbines for two new combined cycle power units which are currently under construction. This is an important commissioning milestone before putting the power unit into operation, scheduled for the end of this year. The procedure of the first fuel combustion in the gas turbine confirms the operability of the unit. Alstom equipment will almost double (up to 565 MW) the electrical capacity of the plant, commissioned in 1956.

This project is part of the frame agreement signed in 2011, between Alstom and Renova Group regarding the supply of five of Alstom's GT13E2 gas turbines of 180 MW each for IES-Holding: for Novogorkovskaya (2 turbines) and Nizhneturinskaya (2 turbines) thermal power plants (TPP) and 1 turbine for Akademicheskaya TPP.

Alstom equipment supplied for the IES-Holding projects has already made a good showing at gas-fired plants all over the world. The GT13E2 is one of Alstom's largest equipment fleets, and has already achieved more than 10 million operating hours.