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Juliana Souza, Communication Director for Alstom Brazil and Latin America, is in the ranking of the most active marketers on the net

This week, LinkedIn, world's largest professional network, released a ranking of Brazilian marketing and communication professionals more engaged on the website in 2014. In the category Oil and Energy, the winner was Juliana Souza, Communication Director for Alstom Brazil and Latin America.

The survey was based on the third and fourth quarter and took into account shares, site visits, pages views, connections, companies that the person follows, groups involved and / or manage.

"At Alstom we consider LinkedIn an important tool for networking, information dissemination and generation of relevant discussions about the industries in which we operate. For me, the tool has been one of the ways I use to keep me informed and because of that, get this recognition is a source of great pride and proof that Alstom, 
about to complete 60 years of presence in Brazil is on the right side to inform its stakeholders about its initiatives, projects, achievements and also show the tireless work that we have done with our internal and external stakeholders to show the real contribution of the company to Brazilian infrastructure, "said Juliana.

Created in 2002, LinkedIn currently brings together 332 million users worldwide and 19 million in Brazil.

Alstom Brazil has a page dedicated to the dissemination of our accomplishments on LinkedIn. Have you seen? Click here to login.