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Do you know POWEROF3™?


Some days ago, we published here the differentials of our ECO 100 turbine series, perfect for the type of wind of the Brazilian market. But there is an exclusive technology by Alstom that can contribute even more with the project developers in this segment. It is the POWEROF3™.

This solution allows for project developers to combine two or even three types of wind turbines of the ECO 100 platform (ECO 100, ECO 110 and ECO 122) in a variable way inside the same wind farm, according to the specific wind conditions, relief and other restrictions found on the different positions of the project.

This innovation allows to increase the power generation capacity of a given project by 20% and to reduce the BOP (balance of plant) cost by up to 15% compared to the implementation of only one type of turbine. Additionally, it counts on common spare parts to all machines installed, standardized operation and maintenance procedures for the entire site, due to the type of platform of the products, contributing to reduce expenses and and increase the production of power.

“Through a detailed micrositing study, of the client’s needs and the conditions of the project, we suggest the most adequate solution with POWEROF3™, integrating all wind turbines so as to offer the best solution in terms of costs and efficiency”, says Marco Weirich, Marketing manager of the Wind business for Alstom Latin America.

Alstom builds and operates wind farms globally – currently, over 2,500 wind turbines are installed or under construction in over 150 wind farms, supplying over 4,000 MW of power.

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