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Modernization of metro trains in São Paulo


If you live in São Paulo and use public transportation to move around, you have probably used one of the trains modernized by Alstom. But what do you know about these changes and improvements? Some of them are visible and easily noticed, but the modernization goes beyond what our eyes can see.

Currently, over 100 employees are dedicated to the modernization of eighteen cars of the blue and red lines of São Paulo metro. The first step of this process is disassembly: when the train arrives at Lapa unit, it is disassembled. Seats, floors, ceilings, handrails, front mark, bogies, pneumatic systems and other parts are removed. Only the frame of each car is left.

After that, the phase to recover the frame of each car starts, as well as the process to open and reinforce the ceiling for installation of air conditioning, which does not exist on non-modernized trains. To bear the weight of the equipment, the cars have reinforced central, side and sustaining beams.

Next, the process to prepare for the replacement of the new structure starts, such as: mask (front frame of the train), floor, ceiling and the operator cabin are totally renovated. The new floor is mineral (anti-fire and sound proof), the ceiling receives an anti-noise film and the mask offers a wider view of the metro to the operator. The operator’s cabin is redesigned and prepared to receive the new technologies for operation of the train and to offer greater comfort during operation.

Moreover, the trains modernized are totally adapted to accessibility norms, with a new electric and pneumatic part, derailing sensor and alternating current engine, which, in addition to saving power, requires less maintenance. Another significant change is that, once the CBTC system is operating, the modernized trains will be able to operate in any line of São Paulo metro.

Internally, the changes are visible: surveillance cameras in all cars, fire and door operation sensors, new seats, LED displays – which inform date, time and next station, photo-luminescent hand rail, map of the three lines with LED station indicator.

These are some of the changes promoted by the modernization of São Paulo’s metro fleet. Next time you use the metro, check out all these improvements.