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Alstom Grid completes the expansion of Power substations on the Andes Mountains, in Peru


Alstom Grid Solutions Group - ACS recently completed in Peru the turnkey project to the expansion and reconfiguration of two important power substations of ISA-REP (Red de Energia del Peru S.A.), belonging to Interconexion Electrica S.A. (ISA), the largest power transmission company in Latin America. 

The projects, which are part of the Strategic Plan of Ministry of Mines and Power of Peru, are aimed at meeting the increasing demand of energy in the country and integrate a package of investments to be made up to 2015. 

The contract contemplated the implementation of turnkey solutions to expansion of the processing capacity of Puno substation and the change of the configuration "T" to "PI" in the 138 kV busbar system of SE Ayaviri.

The works were carried out on the Andes Mtns, at an altitude of 3.4 thousand metres, near the Titicaca Lake, on the border between Peru and Bolivia, and demanded a great effort of Alstom professionals, who had to get adapted to the effects of altitude and temperatures of -10º C, on average.

The purpose of those projects was to render the protection of high-voltage electrical networks more efficient and reliable, as well as to improve the reliability of power supply in this area of the country.

“Peru has been experiencing an annual growth between 5% and 7%, which demands strong investments on the electrical system for Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, representing good business opportunities for Alstom”, said Ivan Moncayo, Country President of Peru. 

Besides the expansion of those substations, Alstom Grid has also won contracts for the expansion of four other substations: PIURA, PARIÑAS, TRUJILLO and REQUE.