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Alstom tram design excellence under the spotlight in Paris and Milan


Alstom is presenting its latest achievements in tram design at two exhibitions inaugurated this month at the Lieu du Design in Paris and the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan.

Sponsored by Alstom, SNCF and RATP, the exhibition in Paris, named “Tramway, une école française” and held at the city’s Lieu du Design from 4 April to 12 July, will showcase this state-of-the-art French technology and the reasons of its success worldwide.

“L’école française du tram”, which focuses on urban issues and on improving citizens’ quality of life, is an opportunity for Alstom to present its tram projects from both technical and cultural perspectives.

In parallel, the VIA and France Design have organised an exhibition called “Talents&Economy” as part of Milan’s Salone Internaziole del Mobile, which attracts 40,000 visitors every year, with the support of the French Ministry of Industry.

80 pieces from various business sectors and reflecting the best of French design will be presented at the exhibition, including two innovative Alstom products: the Citadis Compact tram of Aubagne and the Citadis tram of Dubaï. 1/20 scale mocks-up of each tram will be successively presented first in Milan and then in Paris.

These two events are significant of the success of the Alstom Citadis tram, which suits the needs of small, intermediate and big cities. To date, over 1 700 Citadis trams have been sold to 44 cities worldwide thanks to the liberty offered to operators to personalise the design of the tram, its high performances, and its ability to reduce operating costs and respect the environment. 

Lieu du Design, 74 rue du faubourg Saint-Antoine, Paris,  4 April -12 July
Salon international du mobilier de Milan, Strada Statale 33 del Sempione, 20145 Rho, Milan, 8- 14 April

Sketch Citadis Compat - Copyright: Alstom Transport / Design & Styling

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