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Hungarian experts involved into the development of the core turbine of Alstom’s geared reaction steam turbine range


Alstom aims to strengthen the Industrial Steam Turbine Development Centre in Budapest 

Alstom expects demand for geared reaction steam turbine (GRT) capacity to rise in the coming years. Therefore, the company aims to double the current workforce of its Industrial Steam Turbine Development Centre in Budapest. Alstom’s Budapest based Industrial Steam Turbine Development Centre is also serving the international markets and has already been successfully commissioned GRT equipment in power plants around the whole world. 

“The participation of our local experts in a wide variety of international projects proves that the expertise inherited from our Lang Machinery history has been maintained and well integrated into the global network of Alstom “, said Laszlo Deak, Country President of Alstom Hungary Co. Plc. “In Hungary I envisage demand for 200-250 MW GRT capacity to be installed in the coming 5 to 10 years. To serve this local, and increasing international demand, we aim to double the Industrial Steam Turbine Development Centre’s current workforce”, added Laszlo Deak. 

The GRT is a new and innovative turbine platform of Alstom. The platform is the perfect solution for any sub-70 MW project where total plant efficiency is of the highest importance. It is optimised for efficient and flexible power production covering traditional and renewable fuel types for process steam. Whenever Alstom wins an assignment for this type of equipment, the technical parameters of the core turbine developed and designed partly in Budapest are customised and adjusted to the specific turbine by the execution engineering centres. 

The success of GRT is indicated by the fact that with the participation of Hungarian experts, Alstom’s GRT has been commissioned successfully in several power plant types around the world, including traditional gas as well as renewable fuelled units. The demand for new units is increasing. More recently, Alstom was chosen to supply the geared reaction steam turbine (GRT) to empower the first wood fuelled biomass power plant in Northern-Ireland. As part of the assignment, the group will manufacture and deploy an 18 MW power generating unit, the core turbine of which had been developed to a great extent by Hungarian experts in Budapest. This will be the first time, when this equipment it is installed in a European plant. 

“Hungary has a long tradition of Steam Turbine Products. We build upon this experience and know-how to develop jointly in virtual teams with our other locations highly innovative products for today’s and tomorrow’s customer needs. Our Industrial Steam Turbine Development Centre in Budapest has a leading role on the GRT with a highly engaged dynamic team in place. They are proud to see the results of their work being successfully installed throughout the world. The concept is very successful, hence we will strengthen the team and highly welcome skilled and motivated Engineers to join us for the long-term development of Alstom’s Industrial Steam Turbine products”, says Daniel Wahler, Vice President of Industrial Steam Turbines.