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Technology Center for measurement and digital substation brings more innovation to Alstom products


Through a modern Technology Center, Reason, a company acquired by Alstom Grid last January, supports the development of new products in the field of measurement and data communication, contributing to the portfolio increase in the new substation automation scenario, which will enable the offer of increasingly innovative products.

With its main Office located in Florianópolis, Reason complements Alstom Grid’s portfolio by providing measurement products and substation automation network for transmission and distribution customers.

Its expertise came to light from one of the pioneer incubators in Brazil, Business Center for Advanced Technology Laboring (Celta), linked to Centers for Excellence in Innovative Technologies Foundation (Certi); that’s why Reason has the technology in its DNA. According to Guilherme Bernard, President of Reason, all company’s products were fully developed by its own team, in all phases: definition of the technical requirements, development of applicable technologies, hardware and software development, prototyping, functional tests, electromagnetic compatibility tests, environmental tests and experimental production batch. 

Among the products that stood up in the market are the first digital disturbance recorder with fault locator, which employs the Travelling Waves* technique that generated a patent application. Another product was the Merging Unit**, which was introduced in the market in full compliance with the new standard IEC61850.

*Technique for precise fault location on transmission lines that requires a very quick data acquisition system with excellent clockwork precision.
**Equipment which allows reducing costs and implementation time of new substations.