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Alstom installs first set of Kaplan solutions at Santo Antônio do Jari plant


In June, Alstom will conclude the installation of its first set of Kaplan solutions for the Generator Unit 1 of Santo Antônio do Jari plant, located on Jari river, in the Amazon region. The plant is a project of EDP in Brazil, with 373.4 MW power.

The set of solutions was completely manufactured in Brazil, where Alstom has one of the largest units of the hydro market in the world. It is important to stress that the Kaplan hydro turbines of the project were specifically designed to respond to the challenging operational conditions of Santo Antônio do Jari. This type of turbine will be the focus of the recently opened hydro Global Technology Center  (GTC), also installed in Taubaté.

The company’s scope also includes the supply of Kaplan generators, hydromechanical and lifting equipment, DCS (digital control system), engineering works, installation, assembly, supervision and commissioning for the three generator units of the plant.

Currently, Alstom’s team is in final phase of manufacture of the components at the factory, and is also advancing on the assembly activities for Generator Unit nº1.

Alstom participates of the project in consortium with Brazilian engineering companies CESBE and Areva Koblitz, who signed an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contract with Amapá Energia Consortium to supply equipment to the new hydro plant.