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We awarded 15 more!


Recently, we awarded 15 new contracts in the Hydro Service area for projects in Brazil, Chile and Peru.

Check out below the interview with Aguinaldo Gimenes, Director of Hydro Service in Latin America, in which he comments the perspectives and challenges of this segment.


1) What are the perspectives of the Hydro Service area currently in Brazil?

They are very positive, considering the large number of hydro plants above 20 years of age. Many worn-out components, need for spare parts, as well as necessary maintenance to return to the original operating conditions or to improve the plant’s performance. It should be highlighted that the market is also positive for the other countries in Latin America. 

2) What are the main challenges in the area?

The main challenges in the Service area is to be the first choice of clients, having as our differential the technical expertise combined to a response time that meets the client’s needs, seeking their loyalty.

3) How has Alstom worked to reach this market, and what have been its main achievements?

We created an area dedicated to executing services to hydro plants, with special focus on the maintenance of components, supply of spare parts and O&M contracts. A Visit Plan was made, contemplating over 150 plants in Brazil and Latin America. Moreover, a new Training Centre was created to offer specific courses on our products to clients and intensified the relationship with them through the POC (projects in technical warranty phase). We are also focusing on projects of varied sizes and prices; an action that has been very welcome by clients, who until then only counted on small manufacturers for these cases.  

4) In your opinion, what is our main positive aspect today in this segment?

It’s Alstom’s technical expertise, benefitting from its installed base and its over 50 years on the local market.

5) How has the participation of your team been for these points to be reached?

The Service team is structured to serve clients in a different way. We cannot consider a Service project as a simple project, only for being smaller. Innovation aimed at technical solution, combined with the commercial side and agility, is the main strategy for us to gain new contracts.