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Alstom contributes to modernise Russia’s electrical grid


Alstom has finalised the process to seal a joint venture with Soyuz Holding[1] to manufacture and commercialise high voltage switchgear as part of on-going efforts to modernise the Russian electrical grid. The joint venture is owned 51% by Alstom Grid and 49% by Soyuz Holding and will be part of Alstom’s worldwide organisation, benefiting from its industrial know-how and technological expertise.

 The deal includes the continued manufacture of 110-220 kV circuit breakers and also of the world’s first 500 kV circuit breakers which can operate at severe temperatures down to -60 °C. The contract foresees the introduction of a wider range of products, including disconnectors and gas-insulated substations. This equipment will be produced at Soyuz’s High Voltage Switchgear Factory at Mozhaisk, near Moscow.

 The enhanced product range will contribute to the significant upgrade of Russia’s electricity transmission and distribution system, spanning over 2.1 million kilometres across the country. The Russian grid market represents €1.5 billion with an annual average growth of 10% due to the country’s increasing demand for electricity capacity and its need to upgrade existing equipment. Russia is one of the largest producers and consumers of electric power in the world with 226 GW total installed capacity.

[1] Soyuz Holding is a group of companies, providing a complex of services of construction of power generation facilities and power transmission and distribution facilities in Russia. Currently the Holding includes about 30 enterprises: engineering, production and service companies, located on the territory of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the Czech Republic.