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Annual event that gathers the executives of Alstom Brasil addresses the theme of ethics


In May, around 300 executives of Alstom Brasil gathered at Panorama 2014, an annual event featuring presentations of all sectors of the company, focused on the retrospective of the previous year and the perspectives for the current year. The event also features an external speaker in all editions. This year, the invited speaker was Professor Clóvis de Barros Filho, Ph.D. in Law and Communication, Ethic Professor and Consultant at Unesco and Professor and conference speaker of Espaço Ética. The theme addressed was Ethics.

During the speech, the professor presents and discusses in a laid-back way the concepts of Ethics and its daily application. He comments that Ethics is not a finished knowledge and it was over ideas like this that he promoted reflections and gained the attention of the audience.

“The theme of ethics is high in the Corporate world and in Alstom’s reality. In view of the scenario we are living, we think it is relevant to reinforce the theme with opinion leaders among our over 5,000 employees, and Professor Clóvis de Barros made it in a brilliant way”, commented Marcos Costa, President of Alstom Brasil.

Clóvis de Barros Filho has a Ph.D. degree in Law from the University of Paris and in communication from the University of São Paulo. He is a full Professor of Ethics of the School of Communication and Arts of the University of São Paulo and also an ethics consultant of Unesco and columnist and conference speaker of Espaço Ética. Author of several books, such as “A vida que vale a pena ser vivida”, “Ética e comunicação organizacional”, “Ética na Comunicação”, among others.