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Pre-distributor manufactured by Alstom is descended at Belo Monte


This week, the pre-distributor of the first machine of Belo Monte Hydro Plant was descended. The equipment, with approximately 267 tons and 11 meters diameter, started the installation of the large pieces of the plant’s electromechanical assembly.

The pre-distributor is one of the mechanical components of the turbine and has hydraulic and structural functions. The hydraulic function comprises the distribution and direction of the water flow around the turbine rotor. The structural function comprises the support of the components of the distributor and the rotating part of the machine.

“On June 10 we took another important step in the project of Belo Monte hydro plant. The descent of the pre-distributor marks the start of the installation of the large pieces of electromechanical assembly, which motivates us even more to continue working to deliver everything within the contractual deadline and with the quality expected by the client”, says Marcelo Ferrarezi, Director of the Belo Monte Project. 

About Alstom’s scope in the project: In January 2012, Alstom, the leader of the consortium formed by German Voith and Austrian Andritz, was chosen to supply 14 Francis turbine-generator sets of 611 MW each and six Bulbo turbine-generator sets. Alstom will supply seven Francis turbine-generator sets, hydromechanical equipment, armored busbars and gas insulated substations (GIS) to the eighteen generator units of Belo Monte plant.