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Alstom relies on trend-setting onshore and offshore technologies

In the fields of on- and offshore power generation and grid integration of renewable energies, Alstom relies on the ever-dynamic market, its many years of expertise in key technologies as well as the expansion of renewable energies. At WindEnergy 2014, Alstom presents one of the world´s largest wind power plants, HaliadeTM 150-6MW. A pioneer in efficient high-voltage direct current transmission, Alstom presents the powerful converter technology that is being used in the major project DolWin 3.

Alstom has answers and solutions for the new requirements and challenges of the market. Thanks to this, we can offer our customers more and more support in establishing a green footprint,” states Alf Henryk Wulf, CEO of ALSTOM Deutschland AG, describing the portfolio. Given an increase in installed wind power generation worldwide from 17,400 MW to 318,000 MW, and from 6,100 to 33,700 MW in Germany between 2000 and 2013, Alstom is expecting further growth in wind turbine construction and in the grid integration of renewable energies.  
With the two wind turbines (ECO122 and HaliadeTM 150-6MW), Alstom is setting technological milestones in the generation of power from wind energy. In its new 3.0 MW design, the onshore wind turbine ECO122 offers a 6% greater yield than the 2.7 MW model given a high capacity factor of up to 48%. In terms of cost efficiency and flexibility in the construction of the complete wind turbines, Alstom has developed partnerships with the tower specialists Max Bögl Wind and Freyssinet.

With a rotor diameter of 150 metres and a performance of 6 MW, HaliadeTM 150-6MW is one of the largest wind turbines in the world. It is equipped with Alstom’s PURE TORQUE® technology to protect the generator and can cater for the power consumption of 5,000 households. Its energy yield is 15% higher than that of other offshore wind turbines with similar performance. Alstom will equip the first three French wind farms off the Atlantic coast with 240 Haliade wind turbines with a total power of 1,400 MW. In the USA, Alstom has already received an order to equip the first US wind farm “Block Island” on the East Coast with five HaliadeTM 150-6MW wind turbines, which will cover the power demand of 17,000 households from 2016 onwards.

With 50 years of experience in the field of high-voltage direct current transmission, Alstom nowadays offers technologies with up to +/- 800 kV and a power of up to 7,200 MW. These are already being used in China and India. In Brazil, the company has equipped the longest high-voltage direct current transmission connection over 2,400 kilometres with a power of 3,150 MW and 600 kV. Alstom, as general contractor, received the first high-voltage direct current transmission offshore project for the construction of the entire supply infrastructure of the DolWin 3 wind farm in the North Sea with a rated power of 900 MW and +/- 320 kV.

Furthermore, Alstom offers a grid-based battery storage solution, MaxSineTM eStorage, to facilitate an increase in energy efficiency as well as compensation of the energy flow in real time depending on the energy requirement. Every module is connected to a battery with up to 2 MW; with additional modules, a storage capacity of 12 MW can be achieved.

The new direct current circuit breaker is a milestone on the road to the “SuperGrid” for the purpose of the effective integration of renewable energies and facilitating cross-border energy trade. Alstom developed this product as part of the European TWENTIES programme. The company succeeded in disconnecting a direct current of 5,200 ampere at 160 kV in less than 5.5 milliseconds with the prototype under realistic conditions of high-voltage direct current transmission grid operation.

Alstom offers an environmentally friendly alternative to the greenhouse gas SF6, widely used in high voltage devices, in the form of the g3 (green gas for grid). This is an insulation gas, and its contribution to global warming is reduced by 98%. Only recently, Alstom established a partnership with the French transmission grid operator RTE for a pilot project. From mid-2015 onwards, g3 is set to be available on the market.

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