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Alstom has been awarded a contract by Terna Rete Italia S.p.A, the Italian leading electricity transmission grid operator, to supply two synchronous condenser plants in Partinico and Favara (Sicily, Italy), as part of the ECA consortium [1]. Alstom’s share in the contract is worth close to €30 million, with commissioning expected in December 2015.

Alstom will build two synchronous grid compensation plants based on Alstom TOPAIR technology (air-cooled turbogenerator) in Partinico and Favara in Italy. They will supply reactive power into the grid, compensating fluctuations and ensuring grid stability for the customer. The scope of supply for each plant includes a step-up transformer, the generator, control system, bus duct and the generator circuit breaker.

Favara is situated at one end of an HVAC [2] connection between Malta and Sicily and sees a growing proportion of its energy generated thanks to renewable energy sources. This project is an important milestone in the successful development of integrated smart grid solutions, integrating renewable energy sources in the grid and ensuring grid stability for the customer.

“This successful example of cooperation between all Alstom Group’s sectors, takes advantage of each business’ technical excellence to answer the customers’ needs”, says Antonino Turicchi, Alstom Italy Country President. “It’s also an important step in the integration of electricity markets in Europe in which we continue to play a leading role.”


[1] - ECA is composed by Alstom, Alba Costruzioni and Boffetti
[2] - HVAC: High Voltage Alternating Current



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