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Alstom launches the latest evolution of its Citadis tramway: Citadis X05

Alstom is launching the latest evolution of its Citadis range at InnoTrans, the world’s biggest railway tradeshow which takes place in Berlin from 23-26 September. Alstom’s Citadis tramway was upgraded to deliver extra configurations, capacity, flexibility, speed and an enhanced passenger experience.

Alstom’s Citadis tramway has been at the core of multiple city renewal projects since 1997. Citadis X05 is based on this 17-year proven track record, with over 1,800 Citadis sold worldwide. The research into the new evolution of Citadis took into account Alstom’s product improvement policy as well as the return on experience from customers” said Bernard Dailly, Vice-President Light rail vehicles. 

Citadis X05 integrates new technologies such as permanent magnet motors which reduce energy consumption, and easier sub-system integration and maintenance which decrease lifecycle costs. Citadis X05 will be faster, able to run at around 80 km/h, allowing operators to increase distances between stops on the outskirts of cities. Two catenary-free solutions will be offered: besides the proven APS [1] technology, Alstom now offers full on-board autonomy systems.

Citadis X05 will provide more flexible customer options than ever before, notably thanks to the broad choice of lengths (24 to 44m) and new design options. Cities can still design their own livery and nose and can now also choose from different external and internal LED lighting systems.

A configurator application available on ipads, has been developed to allow Alstom commercial teams to show customers the different options they could choose. Passenger experience has been at the heart of the product development phase. Alstom now offers double doors all along the vehicle, a wider central aisle for greater accessibility and an increased number of seats while still maintaining capacity.

The surface area of the tram covered by glass has been increased by 12% thanks to the ‘balcony concept [2]’ in suspended modules allowing the passenger to enjoy its travel across the city.

Citadis X05 is still environmentally friendly and REACH [3] compliant. All paints are water-based and it uses 10 times less energy than a car [4]. Moreover, the new motors will allow the electrical brakings to be more powerful.

As of today, over 45 cities in 14 countries across the world have chosen an Alstom Citadis tramway solution, over 1,800 vehicles have been sold and more than 1,500 are in commercial operation. They have transported 5.4 billion passengers around the world. 



[1] APS : Ground power supply. Technology sold to 8 cities so far (Bordeaux, Angers, Reims, Orléans, Tours, Dubai, Cuenca, Porto-Maravilha)
[2] Balcony concept: the window in the suspended car goes almost all the way to the floor making the passenger feel like he walks through the city
[3] Europe’s more stringent regulation on hazardous substances
[4] KWh/ seated passenger