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NTL, a complementary partner

Alstom is exhibiting its partners on its stand. Among them is NTL, the tram on tyres company belonging to Translohr. Alstom Transport acquired a 51 % stake in its activities in 2012 with the French strategic investment fund.

This acquisition provides Alstom Transport with a strategic positioning on markets that complement the traditional markets of the tram on rail. With Prime, the latest model of the tram on tyres, NTL is positioned on lines with slopes of more than 7 % and very tight curves.

It therefore offers an advantageous alternative to the high level service bus because the Prime has a much lighter footprint and a life span of 30 years, providing a very attractive cost per kilometre/life span ratio.

Cities in France, Italy, China or even Colombia have already chosen the tram on tyres. It will be entering service in Paris line T6 in 2014 and in Medellin (Colombia) by 2015.