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The Alstom Coradia Liner hologram

On the Alstom stand, one innovation can conceal another. Alstom has chosen to replace traditional models with holograms. A hologram represents a three dimensional image so that it seems to be hanging in the air.

Visitors can see three Alstom products in 3D: the new Citadis X05 tram, the X’Trapolis Mega train being supplied to PRASA  and the new Coradia Liner.

Coradia Liner is the result of experience acquired over more than 30 years on the Coradia Polyvalent platform and a train that has cumulated revenue service of more than 4 billion kilometres.

Able to run on all lines of the conventional French network and equally on the European network (ERTMS) at speeds of up to 200 km/hour, Liner has been specially designed for long journeys.

It offers an entirely new level of comfort – full access, wide corridors, reclining seats, minimum sound levels, etc. – and distributed power gives it accelerating and braking capacities that permit a much greater number of stops without lengthening journey times.

The attention paid to its environmental footprint make it a ‘European eco-mobility train‘. 
More than 4,000 people at Alstom and its suppliers are participating in the development and production of Coradia Liner trains.