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The latest evolution of Citadis tram X05 for even more passenger comfort

Officially presented by Henri Poupart-Lafarge during his press conference, the Citadis X05 tram takes attention paid to passengers to the highest possible level. For its design, Alstom Transport’s Design&Styling department has worked closely with engineering teams on how passengers travel.

The interior layout is the richest source of improvements in terms of design: the tram is not just a means of moving from one place to another, it is a ‘living space’ in motion. 

The seating areas offer greater comfort and an aesthetic approach in line with the urban environment; the interior ceiling lighting has been improved; the glazing, designed along the lines of a balcony, has been increased in area by 12%, opening up the interior of the tram and providing a sensation of liberty when travelling; the curves of the handrails have been redrawn to make them easier for passengers to hold and exterior LED lighting systems provide an even greater level of customization.

Fully accessible, Citadis X05 has front and rear double doors so that passengers can board and descend more smoothly when the tram stops at stations, increasing passenger exchange rates by 15%, together with wider aisles to make movement easier inside the tram.

Citadis X05 will be offered to customers with Ixège Evolution bogies, the latest generation of Alstom bogies designed at Creusot in France.

These bogies provide improved dynamic comfort and are fitted with double suspension, supplying an unrivalled level of comfort on recent track or track of less good quality.

They are also much less costly for operators to maintain.

In conclusion, X05 presents a multitude of evolutions to serve passengers, operators and equally the planet with the accent placed on respect for the environment.