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With Fer de France, Alstom makes a commitment to « Made in France »

Fer de France is an association whose mission is to unite all the actors of the French rail industry. Directed by Pierre Mongin (President of RATP), it gathers together industrials such as Alstom, operators, infrastructure managers, engineers…

Together, on a daily basis, these companies are developing their competitiveness and capacity for innovation in order to promote French rail excellence, create value and secure long-term employment.  

Fer de France is also a sustainable way for the French rail industry to raise the flag of French rail excellence vis-à-vis its international competitors, notably via acts of coordination but also through support for export.

With 11 design and production sites and 9600 employees distributed around France, Alstom participates fully in the solidity of the French rail industry. The company carries out 80% of its R&D in France, a true showcase for export where Alstom creates over a third of its turnover.

Alstom, a partner of proximity for its suppliers, is investing to support its partners in the French rail industry: 80% of its purchases are conducted in France from 4600 suppliers, generating 27,000 jobs in these French companies.