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Alstom and Indra to supply safety and security systems for the tunnels in the High Speed Line Antequera-Granada


Alstom[1], in consortium with Indra, signed a contract with the Spanish railway infrastructure authority Adif to supply the safety and security systems for 6 tunnels of the new Antequera-Granada high speed line. The consortium will also maintain the systems for a period of 42 months.

Alstom and Indra will supply the civil works and security systems for the tunnels, including ventilation and firefighting systems, fire doors, emergency radio and gas detection. The consortium will also provide the power supply for the entire system and will integrate it into the customer’s remote control system SCADA[2]. Furthermore, they will ensure predictive and corrective maintenance, as well as management, administration and control of the system. Assistance and emergency responses are also part of the contract.

The new Antenquera-Granada high speed line is a key infrastructure project in the development of the Andalusia Transversal Corridor. It will allow travelling from Madrid to Granada in less than 3 hours. 

“Alstom and Indra have a longstanding partnership and experience with successful consortiums in similar projects on the Spanish rail network”, said Antonio Moreno, President of Alstom in Spain.

Alstom and Indra have already equipped and maintain electromechanical installations in 32 tunnels associated with the Ourense-Santiago line, and in 4 tunnels on the Madrid-Valladolid high-speed line, including Guadarrama, the longest tunnel in Spain. Additionally, Alstom and Indra have supplied the safety and security systems for 12 tunnels of the new Madrid-Asturias high speed line, including the 25 km-long Pajares bypass tunnel.

[1] The consortium is composed of Indra (50%) and Alstom (50%).

[2] Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition

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