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New Transport plant in Brazil - Tanuss Marcondes

Next month, we will open the first production line dedicated to tramway in Latin America. The new unit, located in Taubaté, was built in eight months and a half and is the direct result of the work of a team that acted with a lot of synergy and team spirit.

In the next few weeks, you will get to know some of the characters of this story that is just beginning. Today, we introduce you to Tanuss Marcondes, Industrial Project Manager at the tramway plant.

“I’ve been working at Alstom for eight years. When I joined the company, 

When I received the invitation to work on the project, I knew it was a big challenge, but I faced it as an opportunity to grow inside Alstom and also to learn more about this new and promising segment. As Industrial Project Manager I am responsible for managing the industrial and process activities of the entire project, which includes from plant assembly, layout to the definition of the internship 2007, I was an intern at the quality area, then I worked at Supply Chain and today I’m at Industrial Engineering of the new tramway plant.

I’ve been learning a lot with this experience. The tramway is a new product that in Europe is not made at a single unit, so I spent some time training in France, Poland, Italy and Spain to learn all the process, and the challenge now is to convey all the knowledge I acquired to the project team.

In short: I am very excited about this opportunity and I see our plant in a very promising way, and I think it’s remarkable that we are the suppliers for a project that is so important for Brazilians.”

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