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Alstom Shareholders’ Meeting


The Alstom Combined Shareholders’ Meeting, which convened today, approved all resolutions with the exception of resolutions 7, 15, and 18 to 25. 

The Shareholders’ Meeting renewed the appointments, for a 4-year period, of Mr Pascal Colombani and Mr Gérard Hauser as independent directors.

The Company has taken note of the negative opinion expressed by Shareholders during the Meeting regarding resolution 7 on the elements of remuneration of Mr Patrick Kron. The Board of Directors will assess the reasons for this vote and the Shareholders’ expectations. The Board will meet within a reasonable timeframe at a forthcoming session in order to deliberate, after consultation with the Nominations and Remuneration Committee, over what further actions may be considered and will issue a press release accordingly.

Alstom has taken note of the rejection of some of the resolutions relative to financial authorisations (resolutions 15 and 18 to 25) and will comply with this vote.



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