Distributed control system

Alspa® Controplant™ Distributed Control System 

Distributed Control System for thermal power plants designed to improve plant efficiency, availability and power quality.  

The Alspa® Controplant™ DCS is a complete and powerful Distributed Control System designed to cover all needs during the entire power plant life-cycle.

Adapted to projects with high requirements in term of redundancy and performance it suits large or complex control systems.

The Alspa Controplant DCS is based on high-end technologies and advanced control functions through the Alspa Human Machine Interface (HMI) software for supervision and better plant operation. Its modular architecture offers flexible solutions and fits projects requirements in term of performance, capacity and fast response time.

The Alspa Controplant DCS is composed of the following elements:

  • Alspa HMI, a modern and user friendly web-based control room architecture which supports the supervision, communication, expertise and control of the plant. It is based on Microsoft.Net technology
  • Alspa Controcad, a powerful design, configuration and tuning tool to improve engineering and commissioning phases
  • Alspa controllers, a best in class automation cell solution
  • Alspa Ethernet Unit network to connect the HMI supervision stations, Controllers and the Controcad tool
Distributed Control System

Distributed Control System Key benefits:

  • Global, unique and homogeneous platform
  • Improves power generation efficiency
  • Enables easy handling and operations thanks to its MS Windows and .net based HMI
  • Fault tolerant and fully redundant
  • Scalable and Modular architecture to offer flexible solutions and adapt to projects requirements
  • Openness of controllers and supervision tools
  • Uses one engineering tool for the whole plant automation system (Controcad™)

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