With flexible design options to fit all key design considerations, Alstom’s gas and oil-fired boilers perfectly marry environmental considerations with genuine operational efficiency

Why choose Alstom’s gas and oil fired boilers? 

  • Take advantage of our unmatched expertise – globally, we have supplied a combined total of more than 230 GW of subcritical and supercritical oil or gas fired boilers, direct to clients and through global licenses
  • Get unrivalled flexibility with a range of designs

We offer 3 furnace arrangements: box, close-coupled and tower for both subcritical and supercritical steam cycles. Additionally we provide both spiral-wound and vertical furnace wall tube arrangementsfor sliding pressure applications.

Our oil and gas fired boilers can be optimised according to your essential design considerations, including:

  • Fuel characteristics and flexibility requirements
  • Furnace heat release rates
  • Furnace outlet temperature selection
  • Heating surface arrangement
  • Flue gas velocities
  • Steam temperature control methods, for multiple fuels
  • Reduction in gas-side corrosion

We can match a steam generator design to your circulation system with our range of options:

  • Natural circulation: for steam pressures under 162 bar (2,350 psig)
  • Controlled Circulation Plus™: for higher subcritical pressure levels
  • Once-through: for subcritical and supercritical steam parameters

Shoaiba, Saudi Arabia, The giant of the Middle-East

An Alstom-led consortium built 14 x 400MW units for the Shoaiba steam power plant. The boilers are designed to burn both crude and heavy oil, and use Alstom’s leading low NOX tangential-firing technology. Alstom provided a fully integrated solution based on a comprehensive technology and services portfolio. The Shoaiba power plant demonstrates Alstom’s unique combination of project management skills, EPC capabilities and world-class products.

Coal and oil power