An essential choice for high performance boilers up to 1,200 MW for utility and independent power production, combined heat and power production, and a range of other industrial applications

Globally our installed suspension fired boilers produce more than 578 GW.

Our advanced experience means we can give you the latest in proven, cutting-edge boiler technology.

Our pulverised coal type tower boilers are designed to meet the toughest daily operational and regulatory demands.

Why choose Alstom’s pulverised coal tower type boiler? 

  • Low emissions through our proven tangential firing system
  • High efficiency and reliable operation
  • Excellent operational flexibility
  • Capability of up to ultra-supercritical steam conditions
  • Use of Alstom’s expertise and world class products for a wide spectrum of fuels
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Inside our pulverised coal type tower boilers you will find the latest technology and features, including:

  • Fuel and air staging
  • Tilting burners
  • Expert firing systems for lignites
  • A full portfolio of services for the complete plant lifecycle

Read about a selection of Alstom’s pulverised coal type tower boilers located across the globe.

Karlsruhe 8, Germany – 910 MW
Based in Baden-Wurttemberg, this ultra-supercritical steam power plant features a 910 MWe power block provided by Alstom. Operated by EnBW, this plant features the highest steam parameters of 603°C for superheater steam temperature, and 621°C for reheat steam temperatures.

Neurath, Germany: Neurath is the largest lignite-fired supercritical power plant in the world, with advanced technology resulting in high efficiency of over 43%. It offers considerably reduced carbon dioxide emission per kWh, as compared with existing lignite-fired power plants, and the specific SO2, NOX and dust emissions will be reduced by approximately 31%.

Ledvice 5, Czech Republic – 660MW
Alstom installed supercritical lignite tower type boilers to this 660 MW ultra-supercritical steam power plant, which utilises a tangential firing system, fuel and air staging and tilting burners. Commercial operation is forecast for 2012.

Waigaoqiao 2, China – 2 x 900 MW
Built in 2004, this coal-fired power plant features 2 x 900 MW Alstom tower boilers, with a once-through design that promotes sliding pressure operation, excellent operating efficiency and load-changing capabilities.

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