Alstom is a market leader in CFB technology and implementation

For customers requiring fuel flexibility, an Alstom CFB plant is an excellent solution. Both mid-sized (300 – 450 MW) and larger (400 – 600+ MW) utility unit applications are available, each with either subcritical or supercritical live steam conditions.

We minimise NOx emissions through furnace control, with post-combustion equipment an added design option for you. We meet the strictest requirements for other emissions, including very high sulphur capture.

Why choose Alstom’s CFB steam power plant?

Our CFBs meet the demands of firing varied locally available fuels and provide key advantages in place of pulverised coal, including:

  • Greater fuel flexibility
  • Reduced emissions
  • Improved design flexibility
  • Proven Alstom technology, with easy scale- up potential

Alstom CFB plants reliably and economically fire almost any solid fuel, including:

  • Locally-mined anthracites
  • Refinery waste fuels
  • Other difficult fuels, such as fuels with high sulphur and/or ash content, including petroleum, coke, waste coals and biomass

Coal and oil power