As the supplier of over 20% of the world’s installed steam turbine capacity, we lead the way in efficiency and reliability

Our turbines are designed for all kinds of fossil applications up to 1,200 MW, in 50 Hz and 60 Hz grids.

Their excellence is based on consistent processes in execution, engineering and manufacturing.

In fossil-fired steam plants, Alstom steam turbines drive efficiency improvements because they can cope with the highest ultra-supercritical steam parameters today’s materials can deliver.

  • STF100 - From 700 to 1,200 MW
  • STF60 - From 500 to 900 MW 
  • STF40 - From 250 to 700 MW 
  • STF25 - From 100 to 350 MW

In cogeneration plants, Alstom steam turbines enable highly flexible operation between power and heat demand and efficiently accommodate wide variations in process steam flows.

  • COMAX - from 100 to 400 MW

Alstom industrial steam turbine technology is based of 100 years of experience and continuous development. Our solutions reduce plant capital through modular design, a compact packaging concept and increased revenues via highly efficient components and optimised cycles. They are suitable for a wide range of applications in both 50 and 60 Hz markets.

  • GRT - From 5 to 65 MW
  • MT - From 50 to 160 MW

The GRT steam turbine's optimised modular concept and plug and play package are designed to reduce installation and commissioning times and costs. The MT steam turbine offers an efficient, reliable and flexible solution, all with reduced plant capital costs. Featuring the latest blade profiles, the MT steam turbine also offers the best efficiency for base load plants and an efficient steam cycle via up to 7 extractions.

Steam turbine

Why choose Alstom steam turbines?

Reliability and availability
We produce modules for any size and process, incorporating:

  • Proven design principles
  • Welded rotors – no rupture for 80 years 
  • Single bearing, maintenance-friendly design 
  • Extended overhaul periods

Efficiency and performance 

  • Designed to adapt to the highest inlet steam parameters for the most advanced ultra-supercritical cycles
  • Project-specific steam path for optimal economic efficiency
  • Advanced 3-D blades and optimised flow path

Cleaner power
Our turbines also offer less fuel consumption and lower emissions. 

Steam turbine features

Our steam turbines are:

Designed to last  

  • Shrink ring design
  • Welded high-pressure and intermediate-pressure turbine rotors 
  • Welded low-pressure turbine rotors 
  • Single bearing design 
  • Shaft-driven main oil pump

Designed for efficiency  

  • Advanced blading
  • Low-pressure turbine large last stage blades 
  • Separate high-pressure and intermediate pressure turbine modules 
  • Low admission losses

Designed to reduce costs  

  • Axial and lateral exhaust options for lower initial plant cost
  • Short erection time 
  • Easy inspections 
  • Few overhauls

Success stories 

  • Longshan, China – 1,200 MW
    We supplied the plant with 2 new 600 MW steam turbine generator sets including exhaust system and preheaters, and a technical advisor on site.
  • Cairo North 2, Egypt – 267 MW
    We installed a new 267 MW steam turbine generator set.
  • Medupi, South Africa – 4,800 MW
    We supplied 6 new 800 MW supercritical pulverised coal steam turbine islands.
  • Maasvlakte, The Netherlands - 1,113 MW 
    We supplied the steam turbine generator set, boiler feedpump turbine and condensers.

Coal and oil power