Product Catalogue: Automation and control for gas power


Our portfolio covers:

  • Plant operations: seamless solutions for gas power plant operations. 
  • Plant optimisation: Gas plant performance, with the highest availability and maximum reliability. 
  • Trusted services: services for long-term support, to help proactively achieve higher returns on assets and reduce total cost of ownership. 

Alspa® Series 6 platform

Comprehensive seamless technology for operations and optimisations

Distributed control system

Alstom’s Alspa® ControPlant™ distributed control system (DCS) allows the centralised management of the entire power plant

Turbine controllers

Safer, more versatile operations for gas and steam turbines

Excitation systems

Sophisticated control for coal and oil-fired generation

Retrofit and upgrades

I&C modernisation solutions and services

Lifecycle management

Solutions for comprehensive long-term support

Maintenance management systems

Integrated solutions for documentation and parts management

Plant simulation

Plant simulator-based training for maximum operating confidence

Monitoring and diagnostics

Mitigating risk and optimising maintenance planning

Power system stabilizer

Protecting equipment and contributing to grid stability