Generator control and excitation

Alspa® Controgen™ for gas power plants integrates the Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) and the excitation system. 

The Alspa® AVR is designed to manage all types of excitation systems (static, compound, brushless, AC&DC exciters) and can be applied across all types of new or retrofit project.

Alstom designs and provides static excitation systems for all types of generators from a few MW up to 2100 MW requiring complex controls. Totally digital in design, it combines high performance, flexibility and easy setting-up.

Based on an industrial automation digital product of world-wide diffusion, it associates standard 'off the shelf' modules to specific ones designed for dedicated functions. Alspa AVR is wide open to communication and can be controlled from distributed control systems (DCS), dedicated operator stations, local operator terminal or from conventional panels.

Thanks to its flexible concept, Alspa Controgen is fully integrated and consistent with the power plant DCS (Alspa Controplant) and other Alspa Machine Control products to help reduce maintenance and training cost for the whole plant automation control.

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