Improved performance and operational flexibility

Alstom's KA24 combined-cycle power plant, based on the upgraded GT24 gas turbine, offers an unmatched combination of versatility, cost savings, reliability and performance for the 60Hz market.

Improved performance and operational flexibility allow the KA24 to produce electricity at a significantly lower cost. Its best-in-class performance, optimal efficiency and the lowest-in-class CO2 footprint qualify the KA24 as an excellent choice for load balancing production.

KA24 power plant
Lake Road power plant

Why choose Alstom KA24?

  • Recently upgraded turbine compressor with higher operational flexibility and base-load and part-load performance
  • Unique on-line switchable operational mode can maximise output or reduce maintenance costs
  • More than 700 MW performance
  • Upgraded SCV-Burner to lower emissions across a wider range of fuel compositions
  • Delivers more than 450 MW in 10 minutes and 30-minute hot start-up capability
  • Can deliver up to 30% more operation time between scheduled inspections

KA24-2 combined-cycle power plant configuration based on two GT24 includes two heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) and one steam turbine 

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