Product Catalogue: Gas turbines


Alstom gas turbines are suited to all applications and combine efficiency, performance and flexibility into a single competitive solution you can use to drive better performance and lower electricity costs. 

The research and development driving the creation of Alstom gas turbines takes an evolutionary approach, rather than a revolutionary tact. As a result, you get the latest technology in the form of practical solutions that meet your current requirements.

Why choose Alstom?

  • Trusted supplier of more 1,500 conventional and advanced-class gas turbines worldwide
  • Recognized worldwide for best-in-class versatility, performance and availability
  • Reliable operations with millions of fired hours

GT24 and GT26 gas turbines

Alstom advanced-class gas turbines featuring superior operational flexibility, fuel flexibility, outstanding reliability and high availability - the GT24 for 60 Hz markets and the GT26 for 50 Hz.

GT13E2 gas turbine

Accumulating more than 10 million fired hours,  Alstom's conventional gas turbine has earned its class leading position as the world’s most reliable gas turbine for the 50 Hz market, providing best-in-class performance due to a recent upgrade to every major performance area.

GT11N2 gas turbine

The GT11N2 gas turbine engine is our solution to the market-oriented need for a 60 Hz (115 MW) / 50 Hz (113 MW) unit powered by a range of fuels.