Condensers for nuclear power plants

Condensers adapted specifically for each application

As the interface between the water/steam cycle and heat sink, condensers are a crucial element of any power plant.  Condensers play a critical role in assuring maximum power output and plant efficiency by removing air from the condensate. 

As the world’s leading supplier of surface condensers, with more than 2,500 installed or commissioned, Alstom has been supporting the needs of nuclear power producers for more than 50 years.

Alstom condensers are preferred for their patented, high performance tube design and rapid installation.

Why choose Alstom condensers?

  • Patented high performance tube bundled design
  • Pre-assembled modules for faster installation
  • Delivers higher plant performance
  • Higher reliability
nuclear condenser overview

Nuclear power solutions

Nuclear power generation is part of the solution, providing at large scale a CO2 free and reliable energy supply. Nuclear energy fits perfectly within a balanced portfolio. 

Nuclear power