Vacuum pumps for nuclear power plants

Central, lateral or liquid blade – we cover all the bases  

Alstom’s vacuum pumps are built to designs that have one goal in mind – maximising output while minimising effort.

Liquid Ring vacuum pumps
Compressors with central or lateral suction that can be associated to auxiliaries. The central suction version is ideally suited for compression applications (103 hPa- 4.103  hPa) up to 12000 m3/h, while the lateral version is optimized for vacuum applications (1 hPa – 103 hPa) up to 30000 m3/h.

Liquid Blade vacuum pumps
These can be associated to specific devices, and are well-suited to air and steam mixture outputs from turbine condensers or evaporators (1 hPa – 103 hPa) up to 250kg/h.

Why choose our vacuum pumps? 

  • They allow discharge of clean gases while sucking up gases containing liquids or solids
  • Practically isothermal operation – allowing heat exchange by mixing processes and limiting gas discharge temperature
  • Reliable – our pumps are sturdy and robust, with minimal parts and low levels of friction
  • Operating stability – the flow rate through the pump remains practically constant during the vacuum build-up process
  • Environmental protection – with help from closed loop operation
  • Cost effective – pumps are optimised to use minimum electrical power and liquid

Nuclear power solutions

Nuclear power generation is part of the solution, providing at large scale a CO2 free and reliable energy supply. Nuclear energy fits perfectly within a balanced portfolio. 

Nuclear power