As a leader in the design, integration, construction and commissioning of turbine islands, Alstom offers customers a deep understanding of every component on the island

Our specific modular turbine island design and 4D scheduling programme optimise delivery time and customer investment.

Why choose Alstom turbine islands?

  • We are the world leader with 115 GW of nuclear power in operation 
  • Today 40% of nuclear power plants rely on Alstom equipment 
  • Retrofit experience to deliver additional MWs 
  • Large-scale project management expertise 
  • Alstom turbine islands are built to offer easy maintenance 
  • Worldwide support and maintenance services for the entire plant lifetime 
  • We can engineer the turbine island for any type of nuclear reactor (PWR, BWR, PHWR, etc.)
Daya Bay nuclear power plant, CHina
Clean power: nuclear turbine island

Customer successes from around the globe

When nuclear power plant operators break ground on a new facility or decide to retrofit an existing operation, they turn to Alstom for expertise in design, installation and maintenance services.

To date, Alstom has completed more than 200 new and retrofit projects for its market-leading customers, delivering a total of 115GW across all reactor types. 

Nuclear power solutions

Nuclear power generation is part of the solution, providing at large scale a CO2 free and reliable energy supply. Nuclear energy fits perfectly within a balanced portfolio. 

Nuclear power