Product Catalogue: Hydro generators


Alstom hydro generators are recognised in the industry for their high levels of performance, quality and reliability. To ensure our equipment's optimum performance, we use proven, standardised Alstom designs and tools.

Small hydro generators

Alstom's modular approach ensures proven components, short lead times and easy installation/start-up

Medium and large hydro generators

All of our medium and large hydro generators (> 50 MVA) feature oblique elements. This mechanical design principle allows perfect concentricity and circularity of all generator components under any operating condition.

Variable speed hydro generators

Alstom has a strong position in the field of variable speed pumped-storage plants, gained through early R&D initiatives.

Motor generators

In the last 50 years, Alstom has supplied more than 260 motor generators for pumped storage plants worldwide.