Medium and large hydro generators for run-of-river and high head hydropower plants

We provide:

  • Low-speed machines that are ideal for run-of-river plants in connection with Bulb or Kaplan turbines

  • High-speed machines that are used in connection with Francis and Pelton type turbines for high head hydro power

All of our medium and large hydro generators (> 50 MVA) feature oblique elements. This mechanical design principle allows perfect concentricity and circularity of all generator components under any operating condition. Furthermore, it reduces the thermo-mechanical stresses on the generator structure, which contributes to an improved reliability and lifetime.

In addition, our generators come with a stator core pressing system that utilises bolts through the stator core. This way, we give you pressing force precisely where it is needed: in the core, not at the back of it.

Our stator windings are insulated with class F main insulation using mica-glass tapes - either as a preimpregnated system (Duritenax) or as a dry tape system with subsequent vacuum-pressure impregnation (VPI, Micadur).

A closed loop air ventilation circuit is provided as standard with our medium and large machines. In cases where high output is required or where the output per pole of a high speed machine is very high, we offer state-of-the-art cooling systems. These feature direct water cooling in the stator winding by means of stainless steel hollow strands and direct water cooling of the rotor winding.

Hydropower solutions

Alstom hydro turbines and generators installed worldwide represent more than 25% of the total hydro power capacity today. We have the broadest range of hydro solutions and services: from water to wire, from individual equipment to complete turnkey solutions, for new plants and the installed base.