Our complete line of pump turbines are suited for heads ranging from 5m to 1,200m

We are able to provide a solution adapted to our customers’ specific needs - wherever they are located in the world.

Our complete line of pump turbines are suited for heads ranging from 5 m to 1,200 m with production potential ranging from 50 MW to 500 MW for all types of applications.

Our pump turbines are adapted to the specific characteristics of each pumped-storage plant. To cover thecomplete head range (from 5 m to 1200 m), we use axialmixed or centrifugal flow runners.

We’ve also invested heavily in pump turbine R&D to meet the need for high-speed pump turbines at very high heads.

Why choose Alstom pump turbines? 

Alstom has the strongest market base for designing optimised pump turbines for new projects.

We’ve built an extensive pump turbine hydraulic design portfolio with more than 50 pump turbine prototypes. Between 2000 and 2009 alone, we commissioned 14 major pump turbine projects.

Pump turbine

Single-stage centrifugal units for heads up to 700m

We’ve improved the performance and reliability of this type of unit, offering:

  • Pumped-storage plant configurations that allow turbine dismantling from above, below or in the middle of the pit
  • Self-pumping bearings and water lubricated bearings, as well as traditional oil-lubricated white metal coated bearings
  • Different types of governing control system configurations, using an actuating ring to control all synchronised wicket gates, or using individually actuated wicket gates to optimise plant stability at start-up
  • A selection of inlet valves

Double and multi-stage centrifugal units for heads over 700m

Get the assurance of good hydraulic efficiency and minimal stress and vibration thanks to our double-stage pump turbine with two adjustable distributors, one for each runner. These offer:

  • Adjustable power output
  • Better runner efficiency than with single-stage high heads
  • Less vibration 
  • Better stability 
  • Reduced civil engineering costs as the unit submergence can be reduced
Pump turbine

As the clear world leader Alstom has been providing pump turbines for over 50 years and has supplied a total of 139 pump turbine units to date with a total capacity of 22,000 MW, including:

  • Zhanghewan (China), 2007, 4 x 255 MW - Head: 305 m
  • Afourer II (Morocco), 2005, 2 x 176 MW - Head: 576 m
  • Alqueva (Portugal), 2000/2012, 4 x 129 MW - Head: 76 m
  • Yangyang (South Korea), 2005, 1 x 250 MW - Head: 800 m
  • San Chong (South Korea), 2001, 2 x 390 MW - Head: 423 m
  • Bissorte II (France), 1983, 4 x 138 MW - Head: 1,112 m

Hydropower solutions

Alstom hydro turbines and generators installed worldwide represent more than 25% of the total hydro power capacity today. We have the broadest range of hydro solutions and services: from water to wire, from individual equipment to complete turnkey solutions, for new plants and the installed base.